Our Mission

We all have creativity within us. Showing how to release your creativity through artwork, that inspires and encourages you to express yourself. Focusing on the mind, body and soul to ensure that you have a healthy balance. 






Art Therapy is about exploring what makes us happy. How can I feel more relaxed, am I open to spiritual growth. The classes include listening to music, a short guided meditation and learning about the relevance of colour, shapes, symbols and numbers. This journey will allow your soul to speak to you. No painting skills are required.




Wellness for Women Workshops

Wellness for Women Workshops for Self-Development. We start with a 5 minute guided meditation and colour healing, leading to exploring meanings of symbols. Writing the description of the mediated experience in the journal. Holding each crystal in your hand tuning in describing feelings, journalling that information, tuning into yourself on a deeper level. Then painting on your canvas to portrait that story.




The use of Crystals for healing and balancing has a long history. This treatment is non-invasive, holistic and very relaxing. Crystals will be placed around and on your body to balance and harmonise your energetic systems. The choice of crystals to be used will depend on how your energy is balanced at the time of treatment. 







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